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Healthy Pet Treats for Dogs and Cats - Big Love Pet Food


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Here at BIG LOVE our pets have the respect and the hearts of their human companions.

Our mission is to provide both our pets and yours with delicious healthy pet treat options. We use only high quality ingredients including antibiotic and cage free USDA inspected poultry. If we can’t eat these treats, neither should our pets.

Duck Hearts

This stuff is like “Quack” for dogs and cats. Watch your little buddies Quack Up over these naturally high protein, low fat, single ingredient treats. As always, our fully cooked duck treats are 100% USDA inspected poultry raised near New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. Great for finicky pets who turn their noses up to kibble…just crush a Big Love Duck Heart treat over the bowl and watch them chow down on dinner!

Chicken Hearts

We take fresh, local chicken hearts and turn them into crunchy treats for your favorite dog and cat. These wholesome snacks are wonderful for training. Hand these out after a job well done, and you’ll have a Best Friend Forever! Single ingredient, USDA inspected, fully cooked.

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